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Review of Focusrite Saffire 212


In the building of a small studio, there are many things to be considered: space, quality equipment, judicious spending, practicality and last but not least, looks.

I must admit I was a little wary before taking the plunge to purchase the Focusrite Saffire 212 preamp/interface. Funnily enough, my main concern was “it’s not very expensive; therefore it can’t be good!” When weighing that concern against the recommendation of a friend who is a seasoned producer and multiple 5-star reviews online, I decided that it was worth giving the 212 a try.

Upon purchasing it, I was immediately impressed by its sleekness, reduced size, lightness, cool and sturdy aluminium shell and striking scarlet colour. It looked so good when incorporated into my studio that I was already convinced that I’d made the right choice without even testing it!

The test was no less impressive! It is USB powered, so I don’t even have to worry about plugging it into a power source. It was also simple for me to link it up to all my DAW’s. Due to the great quality of the preamps, recording sounds great when connecting an instrument/mic straight into the device, or else through my tube ART preamp or Ampeg BA 300. I’ve been impressed by all configurations!

The 212 is extremely easy to use. It has Instrument-line switches for both inputs and even more importantly, a switch that says “direct monitor” which takes the sound directly into the monitors, overcoming and possible DAW latency. Very useful!

The 212 is exactly what I need. As an online session bassist, I will never be using more than 2 inputs at a time for recording, and the 212 has precisely that.

The Focusrite 212 is everything I expected it to be… and so much more!-Everything the mobile producer could want in a portable, sleek device.

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