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About Juan’s bass playing


Juan Fonta was always more interested in sports than in the music world, or being a bass player; however, ever since childhood he had the natural ear and instinct of a bass player; as he would listen to music and pick out the electric bass, double bass or cello parts as if it were second nature.

Inspired by the example of a friend, he started learning the acoustic guitar at the age of 18, as learning the guitar just seemed to be the cool thing to do. Juan’s bass player dreams still remained distant. Two, years later, after learning how to play the acoustic guitar to a competent standard, his thoughts once again drifted towards being a bass player. When Juan Fonta turned 23, he finally bought his first bass guitar and started practicing intensely. He then realised that while he liked the acoustic guitar, being a bass player was what truly was his niche and he discovered a passion for music and bass playing that used to lie dormant, and now became his world.

Despite starting to play bass late in life, but his natural musicality saw him doing his first professional bass player jobs recording sessions and gigs after merely a year of picking up the bass for the first time; proving that he is a natural. Since then he has developed into a versatile and proficient session bass player, recording and playing bass for a variety of UK based artists. In addition to his experience performing live and in the studio, he has recently graduated with Honours from the University of Wolverhampton boasting a first-class Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance and Industries which has given him a good base of knowledge of advanced bass playing techniques, music production skills and popular music artists and genres.

In addition to Juan’s bass playing experience in the UK and music studies, he is a World Music specialist. Being a native Spaniard born in Latin America and having travelled the world as a child, he has soaked up the sights and music of these lands and has performed World Music genres such as Flamenco, Rumba,  Balkan, Afro-Pop, Samba, Bossa Nova, Afro-Cuban, etc. If you are looking to record World Music or simply to give your music a special “World” or “Latin” feel bass line, you have found the right bass player.

Now based in Birmingham, UK, here are some of the artists he has performed and recorded bass for:

  • P&O Cruises: Guest Entertainer as bassist for top Bon Jovi tribute act
  • The BBC (Live TV session appearances with the CJM Music Collective on BBC1 “Songs of Praise”) (link:
  • CJM Music-Gospel CCM concerts and events countrywide (
  • Synergy Live Band- Flamenco, Rumba, Pop Covers and Classics (
  • The Lionel Street Players-World Music, Jazz, Folk (link:
  • Musical Theatre- “Jesus Christ Superstar” (Cannock Theatre), “Tick, Tick, Boom!” (Lichfield Theatre-with South Staffordshire College)
  • Seeds in the Dirt-Blues/Rock

Juan Fonta has expanded his bass player and music producer skills to include being an online session bass player with a state-of-the-art online bass recording studio, so if you are looking for a bass player available for recording bass parts for any style, with a variety of sounds and techniques, Juan Fonta is the bass player needed to deliver the goods. So if you are a singer-songwriter, a band, a producer or any type of musician requiring a bass player wanted for any given project that you have in mind, Juan Fonta bass player’s services are just a call or an e-mail away.



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